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Personal Injury Law –
We Protect YouCompassionate, Professional Representation

In over 37 years of personal injury practice, Duffy & Fasano has developed a reputation for providing superior personal attention to each and every client. At Duffy & Fasano our attorneys have a wide range of experience in personal injury law. Our attorneys are experienced in dealing with insurance companies, negotiating settlements and are vigorous defenders of our clients' interests. We are strong advocates in pursuing the compensation you need and deserve, whether it be through getting the highest settlement possible or justice though the State and Federal Court system in Connecticut. Our firm has a reputation for excellence and aggressive representation against major insurance companies, irresponsible parties, and defense firms.

Areas of Personal Injury Law We Are Experienced in Involve:
• Automobile Accidents                            • Motorcycle Accidents
• Slip & Fall Accidents                              • Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents
• Truck Accidents                                     • Wrongful Death Claims
• Premises Liability


The Laws Governing Personal Injury Are Complex.

As a victim, you will be faced with issues dealing with damages incurred as a result of an accident that can become tedious such as medical expenses, medicine, hospital care, therapy, pain and suffering, lost wages, loss of future earnings, lost services and care from a spouse or child, lost or damaged property, and permanent injury; all of which most people may not realize they can be reimbursed for. Our years of experience in litigating accident and injury related cases allow us to effectively and aggressively obtain the maximum amount of damages recoverable.


Insurance Companies And Insurance Adjusters Are Not On Your Side.

Although you may pay the insurance company hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars over the years preceding your accident, their job is to pay you nothing or as little as possible on your claim. Our job is to negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf to recover what you lost and guide you through the process of obtaining a fair and reasonable settlement from first the insurance companies, and if not, then through our Judicial System. If you are in an accident in Connecticut, it is important that you meet with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.


How You Recover Both Physically And Financially After An Accident Can Be A Major Factor
In Your Quality Of Life.

The personal injury lawyers at Duffy & Fasano understand the multifaceted nature of personal injury litigation, and we will work on your behalf to remedy your debilitating injury. Our personal injury attorneys are selective in the cases we handle, allowing us to personally devote the time that is necessary to build a solid case and deliver the results desired by our clients. Duffy & Fasano ensures every client receives personalized service and aggressive, effective representation.


When Our Firm Represents You, You Will Receive:
• An immediate response by a member of the firm
• A meeting at your convenience, if necessary, we will travel to you
• First class representation by our team of personal injury attorneys
• Friendly customer service and consistent client updates
• Prompt return of phone calls
• Our greatest efforts to achieve the best possible result for you and your family


Our Office Offers An Initial Consultation.

We handle all of our personal injury cases on a contingent fee basis, which means that we only get compensated if you receive a settlement.