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Civil Litigation - We Are Your Advocate - We Work For You & With You

● Contractual Disputes ● Slander ● Defamation ● Libel
● Business Torts ● Commercial Litigation ● Family Law ● Personal Injury

The attorneys at Duffy & Fasano are all skilled in civil litigation, with years of experience resolving legal disputes around the negotiating table and inside the courtroom. We represent clients embroiled in disputes ranging from family law and business to real estate and personal injury compensation. In each case, we approach litigation with the same philosophy, based on a strong commitment to our clients' interests and ethical conduct.

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We believe that attorneys should always try to live up to the inherent dignity of their profession when undertaking civil litigation. This proposition is simpler than it sounds, and it has only three parts:

1) Being practical and honest with the client, never setting unrealistic expectations or making promises you can't keep;

2) Being thorough, meticulous and unwavering in the pursuit of the client's best interest; and

3) Treating everybody with respect and not behaving belligerently so as to stir up hostility between the two conflicting parties.

We also view civil litigation as consisting of two distinct parts: one that takes place around the negotiating table, and another that takes place before the judge and jury. We approach negotiations in a non-adversarial fashion, trying to work with opposing counsel to find an agreeable solution that benefits both sides. In the courtroom, we have a different emphasis, zealously advocating for our clients' interest.

Duffy & Fasano has spent 30 years building its reputation as a leader in litigation in Waterbury, Connecticut. We frequently receive referrals of difficult cases from law firms whose founders and partners got their start working for us. In addition, our firm has contacts with a network of attorneys throughout the United States. If your dispute is out of state, we can refer you to a lawyer we know and trust.

If you have a dispute that you fear will need to be litigated, contact Duffy & Fasano today by filling out our online intake form or by calling 203.405.3100.