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Business Law –
Your Partner For Strategy, Planning & Navigating Business Challenges

Incorporations ● Dissolutions ● Business Torts ● Litigation
Whatever legal issues your business faces, it makes good sense to hire a lawyer who takes them as seriously as you do. With over 30 years of experience representing businesses throughout the Greater Waterbury area, the law firm of Duffy & Fasano has a reputation for being a leader in business law. A small firm composed of highly experienced professionals, we provide diligent, personal service for all our clients' needs.

Contact us online or call our offices at 203.405.3100 for an initial consultation. Attorney Ed Duffy leads the business law practice of Duffy & Fasano, and he provides a full range of services for all kinds of businesses, including the following:

  • Incorporations
  • Dissolutions
  • Limited liability corporations (LLC)
  • Limited partnerships
  • Sole proprietorships
  • Business organizations
  • Negotiations

We also work to keep our clients well informed of changes and anticipated changes in the law. The laws that affect our business clients change frequently, and so we offer advice about how to anticipate such changes as they apply to our clients' taxes and other issues.


Business Law: Torts and Litigation
In addition, the law firm of Duffy & Fasano draws from a deep pool of trial and litigation experience to help our clients resolve conflicts and disputes. In all litigation, we strive to reach the solution that best meets our clients' business objectives.

While we are vigorous in our pursuit of the client's best interest, we also approach each case with dignity and professionalism. This means we strive to stay respectful to all parties involved, and we do not try to line our pockets by needlessly fostering hostility.

For an initial consultation regarding your business's legal needs, contact us online or call our offices
directly at 203.405.3100.